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Thursday Fellowship

Thursday Fellowship is a meeting for ladies, and we are now glad to have
gentlemen too; on the first Thursday of each month at 2.30pm.

This group has been going in various forms for 40+ years and is currently
well supported. We are run by a small committee who set up the annual
programme with input and suggestions from any of the members.
Our aim is to have a mix of Christian and secular speakers, but in each
meeting we include a hymn, bible reading and prayers whoever the
speaker is. I think we manage a blend of interesting and informative
meetings, not to mention fun; and it is particularly good to have
members of the congregation with their speciality from time to time.
Please note from the current programme that Janet Tall is our speaker
in May 2017.

If you ask our members what they value from the meetings the words
‘friendship’ ‘fun’ ‘a way to meet members of the congregation if you are
new to church’ and ‘a relaxed afternoon’ are various responses.

We do try to reach out not only to church members but friends of
members who often initially have no church commitment. We never
pressure people to join but often find that it is a way in to church for
some who need that bit of encouragement.

Apart from our monthly meetings which include an annual cream tea

and Christmas celebration – see the photograph above – we have trips to
the theatre when appropriate.

We pay for our speakers through a monthly donation, and the occasional
coffee morning. A further coffee morning pays Scripture Gift Mission for
a Pavement worker with street children in Brazil and we supply the free
literature on the table at the church entrance.

I would like to encourage anyone who has just a little interest in
knowing us to choose a subject on the programme that they think they
might enjoy, and come and see. We are glad to welcome intermittent
members and from where I stand I believe the quality of friendship is of
the highest.

Vicky Dykes  

Click here or on the photograph to see the programme.