Our Vision  

In response to God’s generosity and immense love for us,
we seek to be God’s people in sharing the good news of Jesus,
growing in faith, being with people in need,
challenging injustice and respecting God’s creation.

John 10.10; Luke 4.18; Matt 25. 33-40, 28. 19-20

Click here for a Daily Prayer Liturgy to guide us as we pray for our church vision.
           What can we see?
                We can see a growing community based on love where a diverse range of people from all walks of life find a place
                to belong and participate, share life’s journey in its deepest sense and encounter the transforming love of God displayed
                in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.


          Our story so far…


        We desire to know Christ better and to make him better known and have welcomed changes and experienced a growing
        involvement with families, the community, the town and the world:

                     Growing culture of grassroots initiatives
                     Steady growth of work among families and children
                    Growing presence in town and in the world

          How we go about things?


              Rooted in – Prayer, the Bible and the life of Jesus

              Branches out – Doing life together

              Walls down – Relevant to our community            
              All involved  Learning to play your part            

              Pioneering – Exploring new way of showing love and being church

              Generous giving – Giving with gladness
              Fun and Food – Connecting and sharing            
              Partnership  Working together