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YouTube Tutorials of interest to the Art Group

St. James (Never knowingly over-rehearsed) Players
January 26th, 27th & 28th 2017

This year we presented our 5th Pantomime, extending the performances to three nights, and seeking to raise funds for Taunton Street Pastors and the Christian Foundation for Disabled Children in Thailand. We were delighted to be able to raise a total of £1474. Click on picture for more details.

Murder is Served
On Friday the 4th of March 2016 the church was turned into a restaurant. We were entertained by the St James Drama group and were invited to guess whodunit whilst enjoying a 2 course meal. Profits in aid of Refugee Aid From Taunton (RAFT).

Pictorial window of the last 900 years. Presentation of some of the things that happen at St James
St Helen's Church, Lundy Island. Saturday, 5th September 2015 Bellringers



Some of our bellringers, along with ringers from Thurloxton church enjoyed an outing to Lundy Island. A good time was had by all, ringing the ten Bells.

Art Group Auction 2015

This year we are holding an auction of original pieces of art that has been produced by our Art Group. Each picture comes framed and ready to hang on the wall. The Auction will take place on Sunday the 13th of September, immediately after the morning service. Click on the picture to the right for a more detailed preview. The money raised will go towards the cost of the new chairs in the hall.
Bellringers Outing June 2015

We met at St James church and preceded to visit and ring at Culmstock, Hemyock, Clayhidon where we stopped for a pub lunch at the Half Moon Inn, then Pitminster and finished at West Buckland where we enjoyed a cream tea. Bramble the dog didn't do any ringing, he only came for social reasons.

 Art Group Spring 2015.

The Art Group have produced an exhibition which will be shown on Palm Sunday (29th March) and Easter Sunday (5th April). The theme is largely but not exclusively Spring. The original art will be available to view on the South (Left) side of the church. It will also be shown on the overhead screen. Click on the picture on the right to download a PowerPoint presentation.


Aladdin 2015

Funds raised went to Somerset Sight and the Church hall appeal.

For more details, click on the picture. 

Harvest 2014

The Gifts of God. The Art Group have produced pictures which represent the many gifts that God gives us. To see more, click on the picture on the right to open a PowerPoint of the whole presentation.

Barn Dance in the ChurchBarn dance 3.jpg (71936 bytes) Barn dance 6.jpg (164786 bytes) 










    This year the St James Art Group produced poster sized cards for us to sign instead of sending each other cards. The idea being that we then give a donation to TEARFUND

Click on the image on the left to download PowerPoint with more images.


Photo versus Watercolour

Click on image for larger view.
St James Art Group Exhibition Number 2.  2nd of December 2012. See more of what our St James artists have been up to. The theme this time is "Taunton".


Watch a PowerPoint with thirty pictures by clicking on the first one above.


Red Riding Hood. The Panto. 
Happened on the 21st & 22 December 2012
By the St James Players.
 In aid of the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), Musgrove Park Hospital 
& Adoption Support In Society Today (ASIST)

The Plot

Long ago old Dilly-Daily was a village so calm and serene,
while the people were shopping and the woodman was chopping,
 a creature burst onto the scene. What a stir-that it caused,
with its long pointy claws but things are not quite as they seem.
 To add spice to the mix two cads and-their tricks
make our-story more complex and fun,
so itís all down to Granny and Holly and Barney and the muscular hero Rowan (it nearly rhymes).
So what will become of our guys and dolls?
Will they all stay to fight it or flee,
 how will the plot be resolved and the mysteries solved,
 take a seat,  just relax and youíll see.

Click on the pictures above to view video clips.

St James Art Group Exhibition. 
This was held on the 1st of July 2012. For those of you that missed it, it can be seen again by clicking on the first picture.

St James Art Group         25th of July 2012 SheepWheatfields.jpg (267109 bytes)

Under the indefatigable leadership of Doreen Carter, the art group were given the task of recreating a masterpiece without knowing what the full picture looks like. A small copy of the picture was cut up into 20 squares and the task was to copy it in water colours at twice the size of the sample received. Most people did two squares each. The end result, you must admit is interesting. Click on the picture to see it in more detail.

Taunton Soroptimist Swimathon 18th March 2009 Easter Monday Ramble 13 March 2009
 06 February 2009

Steve the Human Snow-Plough Kirby




Photos by Richard Sainsbury

Snowy Church                                              06 February 2009
Baptism & Confirmation                     

Bishop Barry Rodgerson  

  05 October 2008      
(Photo by Jenny Wakefield)
Cinderella                             December 2008
"Ridicule is nothing to be scared of". On the contrary, the St James Players positively embraced it. The presentation was held in the Centenary Hall, Taunton School.
The Children's Easter Garden
March 2008
EasterGarden2008.JPG (258037 bytes)

Bell Ringing
March 2008

 An appeal for new ringers was met by a new group  recruited from within the church. They are doing well. At least nobody so far as I know has been "Tolled" off. Some are even ready to be let loose on a Sunday morning. This should supplement the existing visiting ringers and thereby ensure hopefully,  that the bells get  rung.This sometimes does not happen due to insuffiecient numbers of ringers. In the picture there are five novice/new ringers plus "Old hands" who are there to "Show them the ropes". 


Taunton Soroptimist Swimathon 3th February 2008

Yet again members of St James plus a few friends of members, turned up to swim for worthy causes. This year it was in aid of St Margaret's Hospice, Somerset Colorectal Support Group, Exemoor Search & Rescue, Taunton Scout & Guide Gang Show, Taunton Woman's Rescue and ESCAPE.

We were hoping to have six teams of six swimmers. This would have meant that we would take over the entire pool for our 53 minute slot. Next year perhaps? Our five teams did however dominate the pool. I wasn't able to take notes at the time (they would have got very soggy  from my fish eye view from within the pool) but I do believe that one team did 77 laps another did 67 and another did 62. More info (plus corrections) as it becomes available). Lots of money was raised. Too early to give a precise amount at the moment.

Full English Breakfast plus Croissants afterwards in the hall was very welcome. One of the "guest" swimmers  was heard to remark that he only swam with us for the breakfast. Not true I must add but it did show that he was having a good time.

Some people have been supporting this event for so many years that they were not sure of what to do with the many medals they now had. It was suggested that they might make a nice set of wind chimes.

10 February 2008 Update A total of 300 laps swum (average of 60 per team). Over £400 pounds collected in sponsorship with more to come.

(More details as they become available.)


This angel was made by the children at the Advent Antix Holiday Club on 1st December 2007. 
It will be displayed in church during Advent. 
The CDs were donated by members of the congregation.

-Helen Gentile




Open Gardens 12th / 13th May 2007

Photos by Richard Sainsbury og1.jpg (66137 bytes)

OG2.jpg (76989 bytes) Nine gardens, the grand and the small.  They were open over the weekend. Some just for one day, others for both.  The weather forecast was not good but it did not deter a good turnout. We all love to nose around other peopleís gardens. I know I do. Refreshments were provided and donations invited for Missionary Funds.  



Taunton Soroptimist Swimathon 4th February 2007
Swimathon 2007.jpg (140641 bytes)In aid of St Margaret's Hospice, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Open Door, ESCAPE, Home-Start Taunton Deane and SURE.
This year St James raised five teams of six: Bathing Bells, Brighton Bells, Ring of Bells, For Whom the Bells and The Clangers. We didn't quite take over the whole pool from 9 am to 9.53 but it did seem like it. Afterwards a breakfast was laid on in the Church hall for our swimmers. Johnny's  porridge was very nice but I am glad I didn't have any before the swim or I would have had to run along the bottom of the pool. Toast, Croissants, Cereal and fried breakfast set us all up before the morning service. How much did we raise? Last year it was about £700. 
   This year we raised over £1100. 80% of this money was from outside the church.

TCT Living Nativity

Just to show that the adults members of the congregation are not going to be left out, here are some that went out for the TCT Living Nativity 14 Dec 2006


Sunday Club Nativity Service. A Nativity play with Carols. 17 Dec 2006 (Photos by Jenny Wakefield)

4 Angelss.jpg (124647 bytes)     AngelsChoirs.jpg (165157 bytes)

Sunday 03 December 2006 saw seven of our Young people being Baptized. The chairs were turned round to face the side. A large projection screen made sure that everyone could see the action. Afterwards lunch was provided for all present. Click on picture to see more.





Operation Christmas Child 2006Boxes gazette photo.JPG (216528 bytes)

Again the young people of the church are doing something to bring a little happiness to children they have not even met. Shoeboxes beautifully covered with Christmas wrap and filled with useful and fun items. 

Click on the Logo to find out more about Operation Christmas Child >>>


Brunel Manor 20 -22 Oct 2006
A weekend away for 
St James
by Joe Gentile


St James cricket team Sept 2006s.jpg (132644 bytes)

St James Cricket Team of September 2006





Rubix at the top of the Church Tower during Heritage Weekend, 10 September 2006

Rubix Team Towera.jpg (57293 bytes) Sunset7.jpg (74209 bytes) Rubix Pain Balling OOPS! I meant Paint Balling.....or did I? Have a look to see what I mean.  23 July 2006      Paintball1.jpg (154029 bytes) Paintball2.jpg (137596 bytes) Paintball3.jpg (140879 bytes) Paintball4.jpg (93746 bytes) paintball6.jpg (164521 bytes)

Quiz Night 22 July 2006

QZ1.jpg (155516 bytes) QZ2.jpg (174702 bytes)   QZ6.jpg (188779 bytes)

Prayer Walk

PW1.jpg (263141 bytes) PW2.jpg (169908 bytes) PW3.jpg (260053 bytes) PW4.jpg (193308 bytes)

  50/50 Rotary Club Cycle Ride

Stan completed  45 miles, and  Jenny 10,  (plus travelling) in this  event to raise money for the Musgrove Leukaemia Appeal and our own Moving On project.  

Peter and Glenda 

Preb. Peter Bannister and his wife Glenda

Peter Bannister was our Vicar from May 1991 to May 2005. Previously he moved from Bridgwater where he was Vicar of Wembdon Church. Previously still he ministered in Weston-super-Mare and Hove. Here in Taunton He served on a number of local and diocesan committees, acted as Chaplain to Somerset County Cricket Club, and Prebendary of Wells Cathedral. 



05 February 2006                                                                                                                                             

Swimathon2006s.jpg (194028 bytes) Swimathon 2006. 246 laps.                 


31 December 2005
New Year's Eve Party.

NewYearParty2006.jpg (119133 bytes)(Picture by Jenny Wakefield)

28/29 October 2005

 Musikathon. The musical talent of the church got together to raise money for Operation Christams Child. (Pictures by Jenny Wakefield)

musikathon1.jpg (164320 bytes) Click here for more details.musikathon2.jpg (161250 bytes)



12 May 2005

 Bishop5ss.jpg (77584 bytes)

  Martin, Joseph, George, Helen and Ann were Confirmed by Bishop Peter.

Johnny.jpg (68663 bytes)

John Gill in DIY mode


Baptism  03 Mar 2005 Baptismpl.jpg (34810 bytes)

04 Jan 2004
This year the new year's party was held in the church itself straight after the Sunday morning service. Tinsel and balloons hanging from the pillars. Some of the party games were absolute Murder!  :-)


Fthinactions.jpg (17312 bytes)  Faith in Action 

Sundayclub1.jpg (12807 bytes)  Sundayclub2.jpg (11177 bytes)  Sunday Club 

Disciples Decipleship.jpg (17209 bytes)

  Oct 2002

Gifts.jpg (111160 bytes)EuroAid. Thank you to everyone who supported the Harvest for the Hungry appeal. We packed a record 93 boxes. These were sent to needy families in Bosnia. As well as food, over £370 was donated (including £134 profit from the Harvest Supper) to cover the cost of transportation and to help finance the work of EuroAid. 


Bread.jpg (75961 bytes)Dough.jpg (80616 bytes)'Go for Dough'

33 children (including some from the Holiday Club) enjoyed baking bread one Sunday morning.  We came into church and were greeted with the smell of baking bread. We were even offered a slice or two. A cup of coffee and I was glad I missed breakfast that morning.

Click here if you would like the recipe.

BellringersBellringers2002.jpg (85783 bytes)

St James Bellringers.jpg (99878 bytes)The Bellringers of the past (early 60's) and of today.
 Have a look to see if you recognize any of the faces. Can you spot Pete Jeanes and Ruth Crooks?


                        Archeological excavations

September 2001, the pews were ripped out before they fell through the rotten floor timbers. Liz (above) investigating the contents of a vault that was discovered during the archeological excavations. Shortly afterwards the floor was concreted.

Here the children are excavating one of the pillars to expose the foundations. Although the pillars are not the original the foundations for them appear to be medieval.

Jenny is exposing the foundations to the original medieval church. Confirming the belief that the nave once composed the whole church which was later extended.



One of the many "Bring and Share" lunches held at the house of one of our church families.