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St. James (Never knowingly over-rehearsed) Players
January 26th, 27th & 28th 2017

This year we presented our 5th Pantomime, extending the performances to three nights, and seeking to raise funds for Taunton Street Pastors and the Christian Foundation for Disabled Children in Thailand. We were delighted to be able to raise a total of £1474. Click on picture for more details.

Going for Gold Friday 5th to Sunday 7th October 2012 

St James Church weekend away.


 Lord, Jenny, Mark, Mike,Geoff and the team who made the weekend such a success for those who attended. (Click on picture for a PPT Show).


Jubilee people.jpg (300977 bytes) Jubilee Jaunt - Monday 4th June 2012
The walk on the Quantocks started at Crowcombe Park Gate. The route was in the shape of a "60" this also being the length in furlongs. To do this the map had to be upside down. i.e. South at the top. Otherwise it would have been an "09"! There were 14 of us in all plus 2 dogs. Although it was a gentle walk, it was noticed that one of the dogs when playing fetch was returning with bigger sticks at the beginning but smaller  and smaller ones at the end of the walk. To be fair the dogs seemed to be doing at lot more running about than the rest of us.
Bell Ringers.  On Saturday 16th April the Tuesday night bell ringersBellRingersOuting2011.jpg (183990 bytes)
went out on a group outing visiting Broomfield, North
Petherton and Thurloxton.
We started our ringing at Broomfield filling the air with
beautiful sounds ( well some kind of sound ! especially
at times) We then moved on for lunch at the Maypole
Inn Thurloxton , where Ham Eggs and Triple Fried Chips
were a popular choice.
In the afternoon we moved on to North Petherton with
our last ring at Thurloxton.
The day ended at Shona’s House where tea, scones,
more scones! and chocolate cake were on offer.

Easter Experience 2012

This year we have introduced the Easter Experience to our Church, based on an idea by the Diocese of Gloucester. We set up six scenes, telling the story of Easter from Palm Sunday to the Resurrection.

In the week before the schools broke up we invited the pupils of Archbishop Cranmer, our Church of England Primary School, to come and listen to the story, and take part in activities to help them relate it all to the present day. Some of the pictures below show groups at the different scenes.

During the Easter week, the church has been able to enjoy the visual experience in Worship


Cinderella2008.jpg (316676 bytes)Cinderella "Ridicule is nothing to be scared of". On the contrary, the St James Players positively embraced it. The presentation was held in the Centenary Hall, Taunton School.                December 2008 LeaningTheRopes191010s.jpg (189662 bytes) Learning the Ropes
19th October 2010 was chosen as a ringing evening at St James aimed at complete beginners. 13 turned up. Five experienced regular St James ringers, three learners and five who came for the first time to find out about ringing.
Commisionings.jpg (124978 bytes)The Commissioning of the Pastoral care team. Services.jpg (120587 bytes)
20 July 2008
SJT Evening Praise (October 2008)
Singing  and dancing to the greater glory of God livened up a Sunday evening praise.
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The Easter Monday Ramble
24 March 2008

The Creche support the Rotary Walkabout 04 May 2008
RotaryWalkabout040508.jpg (122700 bytes)They may be small but they did their bit. St James Church Creche went on a Child's Play Walkabout to raise money for The South West Children's Hospice. This was after the Sunday morning service. The children went around the congregation with plastic cups and catchy sales pitches like "We need your money for the sick children's Hospital." It proved to be an outright winner. They walked to Vivary Park which may not seem far but when you consider that they are only about 3 feet tall, it's not bad going.
Nic sayes."Thank you to everyone who supported the church creche on their sponsored walk to raise money for the South West Hospice appeal.  Children aged 1 - 4 walked from church to Vivary Park, raising £100 for the charity which supports children with life limiting or life threatening illnesses."

Keith Whittaker & Mélanie Auclair Wed
22 March 2008
A celebration of marriage was held at St James. The service was partly in English and partly in French. 

KeithMelanieWed.JPG (123643 bytes)

Bell Ringing
March 2008

 An appeal for new ringers was met by a new group  recruited from within the church. They are doing well. At least nobody so far as I know has been "Tolled" off. Some are even ready to be let loose on a Sunday morning. This should supplement the existing visiting ringers and thereby ensure hopefully,  that the bells get  rung.This sometimes does not happen due to insuffiecient numbers of ringers. In the picture there are five novice/new ringers plus "Old hands" who are there to "Show them the ropes". 

Taunton Soroptimist Swimathon 3th February 2008

Yet again members of St James plus a few friends of members, turned up to swim for worthy causes. This year it was in aid of St Margaret's Hospice, Somerset Colorectal Support Group, Exemoor Search & Rescue, Taunton Scout & Guide Gang Show, Taunton Woman's Rescue and ESCAPE. 

We were hoping to have six teams of six swimmers. This would have meant that we would take over the entire pool for our 53 minute slot. Next year perhaps? Our five teams did however dominate the pool. I wasn't able to take notes at the time (they would have got very soggy  from my fish eye view from within the pool) but I do believe that one team did 77 laps another did 67 and another did 62. More info (plus corrections) as it becomes available). Lots of money was raised. Too early to give a precise amount at the moment.

Full English Breakfast plus Croissants afterwards in the hall was very welcome. One of the "guest" swimmers  was heard to remark that he only swam with us for the breakfast. Not true I must add but it did show that he was having a good time.










Some people have been supporting this event for so many years that they were not sure of what to do with the many medals they now had. It was suggested that they might make a nice set of wind chimes.

10 February 2008 Update A total of 300 laps swum (average of 60 per team). Over £400 pounds collected in sponsorship with more to come.



PCC Away Day
23 June 2007
The PCC met at Bethel, Bishops Lydeard To Pray Worship and Discus.
By Lilian Gill 
Edited by Joe Gentile


Yum Yum Yoga
Radio 4, TODAY program. John Humphrys Interviews Tim at 08:50 hrs.31 August 2007.0.65 MB
Tim's press release.

Reflections on Yoga by Tim.

Article in the Telegraph.


Reflections on Easter 2007


Joe Gentile

Open Gardens
May 12th/13th

Lovely Gardens to see with Donations for Missionary Funds. Just over £237 was raised.

Taunton Soroptimist Swimathon 4th February 2007
In aid of St Margaret's Hospice, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, Open Door, ESCAPE, Home-Start Taunton Deane and SURE.
This year St James raised five teams of six: Bathing Bells, Brighton Bells, Ring of Bells, For Whom the Bells and The Clangers. We didn't quite take over the whole pool from 9 am to 9.53 but it did seem like it. Afterwards a breakfast was laid on in the Church hall for our swimmers. Johnny's  porridge was very nice but I am glad I didn't have any before the swim or I would have had to run along the bottom of the pool. Toast, Croissants, Cereal and fried breakfast set us all up before the morning service. How much did we raise? Last year it was about £700. 
   This year we raised over £1100. 80% of this money was from outside the church.


Swimathon 2007.jpg (140641 bytes)
Sunday 03 December 2006 saw seven of our Young people being Baptized. The chairs were turned round to face the side. A large projection screen made sure that everyone could see the action. Afterwards lunch was provided for all present. Click on picture to see more. Personent Hodie. "On this day youthful voices sing aloud". The opening words of this old Latin Carol can be heard sung unaccompanied by the Young People of the church. They however decided to sing it in the original Latin. The piece was conceived, organized and performed entirely by themselves. We were treated to this during the  Carol Service which was held on Sunday 17th of December 2006. A recording of the whole service can be found under "Sermons & Talks". If you just wish to hear an MP3 file of Personent Hodie click on this button.

Brunel Manor 20 -22 Oct 2006
A weekend away for 
St James
by Joe Gentile

 14 Nov 2006

Operation Christmas Child 2006

Eight Young People went on a fast to raise money for less well off youngsters in eastern Europe. Click on the thumbnail to read more as told by 
"The Star".