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St James Church Taunton

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Clifford Goss


Name:  Clifford Leslie Goss

Rank:  Bombardier

Service Number: 108068

Regiment: Royal Field Artillery

Battalion/Unit number: 410Bty/96 Army Brigade

Date/year of Birth: 1897

Place of Birth: Little Halstead, Essex

Place of Residence: Greenbrook Terrace, Taunton

Date of Death: 28th June 1918

Place of Death: France

Burial/Memorial: Vignacourt British Cemetery

Clifford was the elder son of Richard & Henrietta Goss, both from Devon but living in Taunton since 1901.  Henrietta died in 1906 and 18 months later Richard married again to Celia Southey.  In 1911 the family were at 28 Greenbrook Terrace.

Clifford Goss volunteered in 1915 and joined the Royal Field Artillery.  This was the largest arm of the artillery, responsible for the horse-drawn medium calibre guns and howitzers deployed close to the front line.

Clifford served in France from December 1915, first as a gunner.  By the time of his death he had been promoted to Bombardier (a non-commissioned officer equivalent to a Corporal in rank) and in charge of a six man gun detachment.

Vignacourt was the location of 20th & 61st Casualty Clearing Stations (CCS) from March 1918.  The CCS were usually sited away from the front lines and treated wounded soldiers after they had received immediate, basic treatment at the frontline Dressing Stations.  Men who were unfit for onward travel would stay in the CCS, less severely injured soldiers would go on to a Base Hospital.  Although the CCS was a fully operational hospital many of the injuries were beyond what could be treated at the time and large military cemeteries often found around the sites of these former hospitals.

Clifford died of wounds received although we donít yet know any detail of how this happened.  His brigade was involved in the actions arising from the German spring offensive on the Somme and subsequent battles between March and July 1918.



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