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St James Church Taunton

World War 1 Memorial Project

Latest News

11th November - Pages created for Cecil Troake and Charles Richards

5th November - Page created for Herbert Murless M.M.William PearceCecil Newbery, Harold SmithHenry David, update on Arthur Adams.  Photo added for Charles Greenslade.

2nd November - Page created for Frederick Stocker

1st November - Pages created for Cyril Simpkiss, Charles Pitman, Samuel Waiter and Herbert Summerhayes

18th October - images added for graves/memorials of F Mundy, C Steed, D Aplin and W Bale.

5th October  - updated GH Tucker, added numerous photos gathered from local newspapers from 1914-18, added detail relating to Douglas Aplin and the Memorial Window at St George's, Ticknall, Derbyshire, page created for William Board.  More information added for William Barnes and Ernest Thorne.

5th September  - Pages created for Albert Adams and Cecil James Adams

28th August - Page created for William Templeman

17th August - Pages created for Herbert Spiller and Thomas Stone

11th August - Page created for William Totterdell

29th July - update for Henry Crouch and Ernest Thorne, added an article on The Taunton Red Cross Hospital at Priory School (now St James School), pages created for William Simon Adams and Frederick Thorn

25th July - Page created for Walter Walling

23rd July - Page created for Ernest Hartnell, Stanley Hartnell and Ernest Thorne, update for Leonard Jones

22nd July - Page created for Alfred Cross and William Greedy

17th July - Page created for Fred Hawker and Henry John Crouch

8th July - Page created for Robert Edmund Poole, Richard Edwin White and George Henry Tucker

25th June - Page created for Francis George Saunders

18th May - Page created for Ernest West, Harry Batstone and Harold Taylor

16th May - Page created for William Bale

12th May - Page created for Charles Steed, extra information for FG Thorn

25th April - Page created for Albert Wall

17th April - Page created for Bertie Poole

16th April - Pages created for Edward Huddy and John Huddy 

15th April - Added photos for William Barnes and Arthur Walker

5th April - Page created for Sidney Mussell

4th April - Page created for James Cording, Lionel Henry Harding and Percy Marks

8th March - Page created for Ernest John Sedgbeer and Ernest John Trebble, obituaries added for William Phillips and Robert Vickery, extra information added for Charles Doble

6th March - Updated biographical information for Frederick Sansome

4th March - Page created for Clifford Mundy and a link put in from his brother Frederick Mundy

18th February - Page created for Ralph Mitchell

17th February - Page created for Charles Greenslade

16th February - Pages created for Thomas Squires and Frederick Thorn

9th February - Pages created for William Rendell, Francis George Ford and Horace Thorne

8th February - Pages created for Thomas Collier and Joscelin Currey

1st February - Pages created for Sidney Barton, Edwin Budd and Walter Coleman

28th January - Pages created for Frederick Poole and Henry Scoble

19th January - Page created for Robert Vickery

17th January - Page created for Arthur Rendell, extra details added for John Bazley

13th January 2014 - Page created for Arthur George Walker

30th December - page created for Alfred Waiter

27th December - pages created for Cecil Stone and Leonard Jones

20th December - pages created for John Adams, Sidney Jeffries, Charles Letherby, Clifford Goss, Edward Pring

8th December - pages created for Walter Phillips, William Phillips

1st December - pages created for Henry Coleman, William Cruys

11th November - pages created for Ernest Gibbs and Harry Palmer, who died on the same day in the Battle of Jerusalem

12th October - page created for Douglas Aplin, Charles Doble and Walter Batstone

27th September - pages created for Fred Fuge and George Allin

14th September - added page for John Branchflower

1st September - added pages for Albert Grigg, George Marchant, William Vanstone

28th August - pages for Herbert Reed, Frederick Bracher, John Bazley, William Dade, Frederick Mundy created

28th June - page for Harry Van Trump updated

18th June - Website launched